Avanti Craft Studio, Ltd

Inspiring, Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable Events & Handmade Crafting.

Adding Personal touch to every event with Customized Craft: 

Having some specialized crafts on your event that are exclusive and reflect your personal taste is amazing. AVANTI CRAFT STUDIO, LTD lets you ditch the commercial and random event decor or management embellishments. We are a creative event management company that offers you exclusivity, creativity, and customization. 

With all designer and hand crafted event ornaments, you can add more spark to any event. It is a one-step advance in customization of an event. You will not only get the special settings, color contrast, but beautifully crafted materials, inserts, or even add-ons. 


AVANTI CRAFT STUDIO, has been an industry expert since 2020. We are providing quality and organized event management services with our major operations in the Bronx, New York. 

Our Studio is determined to add more life to the daily life events and celebrations that people have. Making them memorable and as enjoyable as possible for the attendants. From a large scale to the small scale events, we work equally on all of them. As every bit of it is important and our event manager, planners, and executioners are always ready from tip to toe in service. 


We understand that switching from your previous event management company will never be easier, but why are you stuck with it? Does that service provide you with creative and hand crafted event ornaments, accessories, designs and products? Are they experienced in brightening up your day without any faults and damages? Do you feel relaxed every time you book them for any event? Are they able to accommodate every event size and capacity? 

If not, and you have been facing issues like shortage of flowers, poor color coordination, bad lighting, messed up sitting arrangement, and other issues, then AVANTI is the rescue. We are definitely different, better, and promising. 

Unforgettable experience for everyone:

At AVANTI, we ensure an unforgettable and exclusive event experience for everyone. No matter if your event has 30 to 300 or even 3000 guests, we are always up for it. Your satisfaction and contentment is important for us. 

Our team follows the similar protocols of planning and managing events that bring you special treatments. After happening, your event will be the talk of town and remain there for days, months and even years. 

Exclusive crafts and designs: 

Along with arranging the custom or exclusive stuff for the events, we offer hand crafted designs. It is amazing and makes a regular event more personal. You will have something exclusive in the event to flaunt that no one will ever have in his or her event. 

There is no craft or design repetition in our events, it is our guarantee. Though, with every successful event it is getting harder to come up with more creative options, but we stretch our craft to the next level every time. Unless the clients are inspired by one design, we prefer to come up with something new. 

Total hand crafted: 

From small to mass productions, we never lose the essence of hand crafting for some materials. It is the exception our company holds. If we have committed the hand crafted options, we will get them ready in time. Moreover, you will have them on display at the event no matter what happens. 

Creative flexibilities: 

Creativity is always difficult but we are open to flexibility. In everything we always come up with a room to incorporate the client's taste. So, whatever you will have at an event or celebration, will reflect your taste and preferences. 

Fit to all events: 

Our services are for all events from a small scale personalized celebration to a grand event. We have expertise and teams who can professionally handle weddings, Fundraising Galas, Carnivals, Corporate events, Birthdays, and more. You have options to enjoy our flexible services for all the events coming to your life ahead. 


Make your Day Special: 

AVANTI CRAFT STUDIO, LTD is all set to make your day special with its full-coverage Event Planning and Management. We let you stand out from others and give it a special touch. Are you in need of making your events exclusive? Give us a call now, our event planners are there to provide your assistance or turn your ideas into blueprints.